Tuesday, May 7, 2013

5/3/2013 - 5/5/2013

I emailed the video we were asked to create for Melissa's Wish with 3 Little Birds 4 Life , though, I can not seem to get Blogger to post it.  You can also find it on Facebook, shared on my page!  Please like the Louisville branch of  3 Little Birds 4 Life on Facebook!

There are many, many ways anyone reading this blog can help grant Melissa's wish (for a vacation to see family in San Diego, CA).  Air line points, donations, donor contacts...simply contact me or 3 Little Birds 4 Life and we will be glad to see how you can help!

Here is the link to 3 Little Birds 4 Life 's Website:

Here is the link to 3 Little Birds 4 Life 's Facebook page:

Here is the link to 3 Little Birds 4 Life 's - Louisville Facebook page:

For those with a special desire to really work to help Melissa's wish come true, please email me or message me on Facebook so I can get your contact information so that the non-profit helping grant Melissa's wish can send you a letter with details.

As you can tell, the launch of this fundraiser for her wish is the highlight of our lives right now.  We get so little encouragement from doctors.  Encouragement takes some kind of updates or information about whether you are beating this thing.  Really, you get no information for months.  Basically, we know little more than when this all started.  You are prescribed poisons and countless medications and treatments for months on end, and unlike building a house, where your progress can be witnessed, you have no idea if the treatments or medications are doing any good at all.  It is very gradually agonizing.  It is nice to have something you know will be great to look forward to.  I think it is an even more special wish because it is allowing us to do something that, frankly, we would never be able to afford to do on our own.  Under the best of circumstances, despite whatever outcome, we are financially destroyed....it is something that comes with just about any serious cancer diagnosis.

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