Friday, May 24, 2013


I was thinking about my post particular, the part about me "motivating" Melissa.  I thought how her or someone else might interpret that statement with a negative tone.  She didn't take it that way, but still...I think everyone who loves her would like to see her 100% back to her former self.  Motivation is required for almost anyone who faces something like this, but not because she is lazy or lacks interest in fighting for her life.  I want everyone in the WORLD to know that Melissa Barr is a fighter!  She has endured more than anyone I have ever witnessed...needles, surgeries, scans, poisons, drugs, infections, ER's, name it, and this woman has endured it without loosing hope or her mind...and I am the one whining to a blog.  She has a long way to go.  I, and hopefully many others, will help guide and motivate her back to active living.  So today, the day after perhaps the greatest update to this blog yet, I want to make it clear to Melissa, her family, my family and anyone out there reading this...

There is a hero among hero...

Melissa Lynn Barr

Boom!  How is THAT for motivation?

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