Friday, May 3, 2013


I am proud to announce that a wonderful wish organization, who serves only young adults with grave illnesses, has decided to grant a wish for Melissa!

Here is a link to there page:

Please visit their website...they are based out of St Louis but do amazing work throughout the country.  Real difference-makers in the lives of those less-fortunate.  Found Ashley Swip is incredible.  Our wish coordinator Kristi is pretty fantastic too!

In the coming days, they will start a fundraiser page on their website that will contain a video that me and a friend created.  If I can get Blogger to work right, I will post it on the blog too.

Melissa's wish....a week-long all-expense-paid family vacation to sunny San Diego at the end of June!  We are both very excited.  She gets to see some family (that we had no means of visiting on our own) and we get a much needed break from everything (something else we can not afford).

For now, those that want to help, donate money, lend resources or contacts need to contact me, via email - - and I will put you in contact with our wish designer/fundraiser.  I will post when the fundraiser page is ready, then you can go there.

If you want to help, we will need assistance spreading the word, both verbally and on the internet/Facebook/Twitter/ETC and finding potential sponsors.

Medical Update:  Melissa had an complete MRI with contrasts today.  We will not get the results for a couple pray, cross fingers...whatever you do, do it.  Also attempted to order her Chemo pill pharmacy wanted $18,000, but I am pretty sure that the pharmacy through our insurance will cover most of that if I order through them.  Like 60 pills for $18K....oh, that is part of the problem with American medicine and politics...but no soap boxes for me today.

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