Monday, May 13, 2013

5/9/2013 - 5/10/2013

I am running clean out of ideas to motivate Melissa.  She just has no energy or desire to do much of anything.  Doctors don't even seem to suggest being more active.  I hate to get into details, but I have to say that I worry more overall health than her neurological health, these days.  I get so frustrated, not necessarily with her, but with the situation.

I have to say, there are several organizations that preach "Getting back to living" to cancer patients.  Unless you are rich, well supported, or already live a motivated, physical lifestyle (when diagnosed), chances are just "getting back to living" is about the hardest damn thing you could do.  Sure, a runner/jogger getting back to those activities seems like progress, but what about the person who just went to work, but now, can not?  What about people without active lifestyles, now hindered by illness and the multiple side-effects of medications?  Then the astronomical will you resume you yearly family vacation with no money?  How are you to pay for a gym or someone to motivate you?   My point is, "getting back to living" is just the wrong way to go about looking at life with/after cancer.  You never get back to living like you were....things are never the same.  "Re-inventing living", there is a slogan worth spreading...because for most in our situation, you have to go back to square one and figure out how to be healthy and happy all over again.

Another work week comes to a close.  They go by very fast....but not nearly as fast as the weekends.  haha...wish the founding fathers would have really pushed for that 3 day weekend.  We have a much needed break on the horizon.  San Diego looks amazing.  I just hope that it does not turn out like the many other small trips we have done recently, which involved Melissa mainly in bed the entire time.

Anyone interested in helping with our trip, please contact me at .  3 Little Birds 4 Life is working hard putting together Melissa's wish, but is still looking for air-line miles, donations, and contacts/resources that could help.  They have done a great job, already securing Zoo & Safari park passes, Carousel rides in Balboa park, and who knows what else!  I am impressed, really.  I think, once my life settles down some, I want to work with them to help grant wishes for others.  I think few, besides those involved with a loved one fighting cancer, understand how much gifts like these mean to the entire family, not just the patient.  In fact, I would dare say that most patients wish for things they know will benefit the rest of the family more than themselves.  For us, this trip is the only thing we have had to look forward too lately.

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