Friday, March 1, 2013


A new month...let's hope it's a good one.

Melissa now has her new battery of drugs, including the once hated steroid but also a strong sleep aide that should hopefully allow her to rest and keep some kind of normal schedule.

I have to say, my post yesterday showed quite some frustration....comes with the territory, I suppose, but today I feel a little better.  Same problems, different attitude slightly...though I have to say, I have had many strange, yet, spiritual thoughts....moments of crazy-man clarity...hard to explain without an example...

So, example...I used to think that dying suddenly, without warning, was as tragic as it, I think much the contrary...dying abruptly even has a air of morbid celestial me, from what I have witnessed, there are far, far worse ways to part this earth.  From the first moment your loved one gets sick or that "diagnosis" comes in, things are different.  Granted, having time with that loved one and a fighting chance to cheat death is better, getting through all of that is hell.

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