Friday, March 8, 2013


I am posting a tad early today.  Tried to send little man to school today.  He was up a few times with a tummy issue last night.  It was still bothering him this morning, but with the evil principle and truancy rules (pushed to the limit by him missing a few days during the surgery), I felt like I had to send him.  If I did not take him, only a doctors note would excuse him.  I am sure he will be fine after some sofa time.  Poor thing barf'ed in the lunch room this morning.  I felt so bad for sending him.  Wish that principle had to clean it up herself.

So, looks like I will be caring for a couple sick jokers this weekend.  I know what I can do to fix video game.  He has earned it too....been good all week!   Melissa...well, she is a more complicated "sick"....she just needs some sleep.  I will do my best to be jolly and fun this weekend, damn it to hell.

I always giggled when my great aunt Nanny would say that..."Damn it to hell"....she wouldn't say it all the time...she would say it real could almost not catch it all....she was so sweet and kind, to hear her say something like that was just kind of funny.  It has always stuck.  I am sure my cousin Mike remembers that too.  I have thought about her a little lately....lost her in 1996 (I think) to cancer.  It was tragic and quick....happened while I was away at college, though I was lucky enough to get to come home and see her. Threw me off for a while...that and the stress of college...before I knew it, I was out of school, on probation from school (though, I never failed a class)...nor was I even interested in going back.  I did take some classes at Bland, but after some adult bills and crazy work schedules, I never finished a degree.

I will leave you with a quest....go out and seek the sacred Krispy Kreme Banana Cream Pie....they are usually sold on the same kiosk the donuts are....with the cherry pies and such.  OMG....they are special. 

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