Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Melissa is now battling a stomach bug that actually put midget down for the count this past weekend.  She is still pretty miserable, but kind of coming out of it now.  Lets hope we can make it through the bulk of the remaining treatments without more issues.

So, someone asked me today what the worst part of all this brain cancer crap?  Wow....tough question.  No way I could 100% say what the worse part of it is....frankly, I hope it is just the cost of the cure.  Of course, I never every expected to risk loosing the woman I love before growing very old and grumpy together, first.  I never expected the drama that comes with any kind of Cancer diagnosis.  Though our doctors are ok, I do not like spending this much time with them.  Waiting rooms and treatments centers...ER's and thank you.  The bills are crazy too....I mean, even with good insurance, expect 3-5K a year in costs, on top of premiums...add in her not being able to work, and you have a financial nightmare.  I suppose, though, the worst part for me is something I hope I never have to do...tell my son that his mommy is gone.  He came to live with us after his biological mother died...he was 1 year old.  Though I did give a lot of though into whether to be his dad (which, now I have no idea why I hesitated), since the first day he came to live with us I never looked back and neither has Melissa....he is our son 100%.  He is a child with a heart cast of 100% pure gold, for him to loose two moms in one lifetime, well, it just can't happen, right?  No way the big man upstairs would let that go down.  THAT would be the worst part....the rest of this shit is no problem compared to that.

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