Monday, March 11, 2013

3/9/2013 & 3/10/2013

I am pretty sure when the 5-day work week was thought through, it was the intention the architects for the weekend days to be a time of catching up with the house & yard, relaxing some, and spending some quality family time.  What I had this weekend was almost the exact opposite.  I did manage to wash every dish in my house yet again, for the second weekend in a row, but besides that, little more than frustration and agitation occurred for me.  I did get another nice gift from the Parham's Shell guys...but besides that my weekend involved a very sick little guy along side a very grumpy and sick wife.  No rest for the weary...I was up at 5am something Saturday and 6am something Sunday.  Saturday I had to take Melissa to Patient First....what we thought was strep-throat turned out to be Thrush, caused by her depleted immune system (which has been ravaged by radiation, chemotherapy, and the huge amounts of antibiotics which saved her life after surgery).  It is basically a sore throat from hell.  Melissa does not feel good.  I know she is frustrated about not working, feeling sick, the constant doctors BS, being broke, and only desires a few things....a vacation and a enough "feel-good" days to enjoy it....neither of which seem to be "in the cards" for us.  I neither have the time off or the money to do much of anything.  It is so hard for her to stay positive and upbeat when things just keep knocking you down.  See, Cancer does not just destroy your body or health, it seeks to destroys your finances, marriage/love life, family dynamic, your will to survive and your every desire, leaving you sick, penniless, and broken in almost every way possible, that is, if cancer has it's way.  For us, we have found some solace in some of the help we have received...and perhaps one of the many non-profits I have reached out to will help with a vacation or something...but these days, I have learned just to not get my hopes up but so high.

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