Thursday, March 28, 2013


Me and Melissa got to spend the majority of the day together.  Not crazy about how things went with SSD....I was told by multiple sources that there was no waiting period for her condition....yet they insist there is a 5 month waiting period, though, it goes back to December to start.  Not sure what you can do anyway....though it means loosing thousands of precious dollars, those would be turned over to a lawyer if we went that route.  Suppose we will just see if she is even approved before exploring that.  The system is quite disgusting, actually.  To think, if I could have just banked all the money we paid in SSI/SSD, we would have a small fortune.  Oh well....slaves to the man....what can you do?

After that, we traveled up for her treatment....followed by a indulgent treat....Cheeburger Cheeburger.....OMG.  So good...and affordable.

Won a pile of lottery tickets on the radio....$19 in winnings for $50 in tickets.  THAT is why I do not waste money on Lotto...not sure I trust our luck too much anyway.  At least it covered lunch.

Here it is....

Cancer Battle Hawk...ready for action!  haha....the angle is funny....makes her look conehead-ish....that thing is a few more notches in it these days....custom work...but round.  Her scar is uncovered...but kind of looks cool.  I am sure some dude out there has a scar tattoo on the side of his head.  I would post more pictures, but this is the one "Melissa Approved" pic....I only post approved shots...for my own well being.

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