Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Sunday delivered some snow, prompting schools to be closed today.  Roads were fine by this morning...but yesterday (Sunday afternoon) this is what they looked like...

Quite a sight, especially since this was expected to be a "mainly rain event".  Not complaining though, I love snow.  We never seem to get quite enough for good sledding, not that I personally want to sled, but it would be nice to show Michael the Snow-Hill in Walnut Hill.  By morning, the roads were clear, dry in some spots, and by the end of today the snow was gone.

The weather did not, however, effect Melissa's treatment schedule...thankfully.  She is well ready for this to be over....and honestly, I will be very glad when I have my perky, happy wife back.  In case you haven't heard, Cancer Sucks!

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