Monday, March 4, 2013


Melissa is still soldiering through....nothing new to report there.  I did see signs of the "hunger" that comes with her return to steroids...but not near as bad as before....kind of balances out the queezie.

I managed to get the living room cleaned...and I mean, organized (kinda), cleaned, vacuumed...the works, before 10am.  Few loads of dishes too.  It feels good to catch up a little on things.

Took little man to stay with other, other grandma and papa, in Richmond.  Afterwards, me and Melissa made quite a discover....Cheeburger Cheeburger...
Incredible burger...sometimes, simplicity is bliss...and with burgers, it is all about quality beef, toasted bun and whatever ya desire on fixings.  With a name like that, of course you have a good burger....but the onion rings...omg.

Played Madden until the wee hours.  Success.

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