Monday, April 1, 2013


This was yet another well anticipated Friday.  Not sure if I mentioned this on the blog before, but Melissa's last day of treatments has changed.  Unknowingly to us, her doctor add 6 additional "boost" treatments to her radiation schedule.  Not sure why or for what reason, but I would assume because she has handled it well so far, they are ending with a "bang", so to speak.  Her last days is now the 11th of this month.

Melissa has had some trembling issues with her hands.  I doubt this is a neurological side effect.  It is most likely a side effect of the piles of medications she is required to take.  It certainly deserves paying some attention to it.

So, I am know learning more about insurance, than ever before.  It turns out, when your insurance has a "Max Out-Of-Pocket", you must read the fine, fine print.  It seems we have reached ours, for this year already, and for the first time I am finding out that it only applies to doctors visit co-pays and surgical/hospital co-pays only.  It does not cover ER visit co-pays or medicine co-pays.  So far, I have yet to send a payment...but that time has come.  Monday some of the first payments will go out.  I felt like even though it is more than we could ever afford to pay, even over a couple years, making some effort is the right thing to do.

Melissa has prepared for Easter like crazy...though, I have not had to worry one bit about it has been very nice.

I am taking midget for a hair cut tomorrow.  I never know where I am going to take him or what to do with that wig...this should be fun.

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