Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Well, today we had our first radiation appointment.  We talked to the radiation oncologist about side effects, the treatment experience, and all the need-to-know info.  She got to see the table she will take her treatments on and had the mesh mask made for positioning.  I was shocked that doctors really do not rely on current imaging for targeting...well, they have images from a month ago, most before surgery.  I was glad we went to UVA and got our own MRI for them to use...made me feel WAY better about the random ass radiation blasting into my love's brain!  Jeez.  Looks like treatments all kick off Monday!  YEAH!  Now we just have to figure out how to driver her to and from Midlothian (25m away) Monday-Friday for the next 6 weeks...but we have no choice.

After our radiation appointment, we went over to finish up the post-op appointments with Dr. Geckle, Melissa's fancy brain surgeon.  Today, Melissa noticed the alligator shoes.  She also noticed how the Dr talked about her treatment, current condition, and seriousness of things.  He eluded to how we have "great neurological health" right now and that the goal was to preserve that for as long as possible.  " long as possible", the times after these "great neurological health" days scare the living shit out of me.  

Melissa and I rarely talk about what could come.  I mean, I know and she has mentioned she it not interested in parting this world anytime soon and that she will fight with all she has....I knew that.  I thing deep down, I knew that when I fell in love and married her.  She is a fighter. 

Yesterday, a Twitter page started demanding cures for cancer as me, "Why do I demand a cure?"  Well, with brain cancer, you can see the wall...I mean, you can see where doctors legitimate training stops and the guessing starts.  You can see that doctors just do not have the studies, research, or funding to do these in regards to Brain Cancer.  Brain Cancer is, perhaps, one of the most scientifically neglected cancers, research wise.  It is easy to raise funds for any illness that attacks kids or breast cancer, but brain cancer is just not as catchy.  I think once we get through this, I may work on raising awareness and funding for brain cancer research.

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