Saturday, February 9, 2013


Little man seems to be feeling a little better.  He is still not eating much, but drinking down the fluids.  Me and Melissa are still clear so far, but I am sure one of us, if not both, are just on borrowed time.

I have a whole lot of nothing planned for today.  Heal, recovery, containing contamination....all the plan I have for today.

Pretty out, though....may need to go get me some fresh air (and beer) tonight. has been too long.  Don't want to make is sound like I drink a lot....I had my fun over the years....may drink 2 or 3 beers every 2 or 3 months now....but I could desperately use a change of scenery I may slip out with a friend for a bit tonight....recharge the battery, so to speak.  I have been thinking about playing music again.  The logistics of trying to practice will be difficult to manage, but I feel like, besides this blog, I need something more to occupy my mind and give me some sense of can do these and make me look cool while it does it.  haha....I have found that having a gig (of sorts) forcibly will motivate maybe I start planning a physical fundraiser today.  Hmmm....

As the day went on, little man burned out quickly.  He pretty much never made it off the sofa...all day.  Poor thing.  He has been so careful to cover his face, hand sanitize and use his own trash can and cute really...but I feel for him.  So far, as of Saturday night, the adults in the house are symptom free.

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