Friday, February 1, 2013


Like most anyone who has fallen prey to a horrible disease or medical condition, you research the living shemcka out it...yesterday, I focused on finding a facility with the best imaging equipment and a neuro-oncologist....with top 5 survival rate.  UVA had it all....brand new facility, specialized in brain tumors, best imaging, and treat the complete patient.  They do extensive imaging during treatment to assure it is blind poison treatments.  I have noticed you can almost follow the money to find the best treatment for grave illnesses....the newest place, best equipment, best doctors, best nurses...etc.  Today, I make our appointment.  Regardless of where we choose to do treatment, we will have a fair amount of driving ahead of us.  Melissa was very concerned about the logistics...and how that would effect little man.  If we plan right....I think we could drive up early, come home in time to get him from school every day, if need be.  The alternative, if we were to choose the wrong place, could be well more catastrophic than a whacked out schedule for a couple months.

Please continue to share the fundraiser page, as an easy way to contribute.  There is also a widget for it in the top right corner of this blog.  I plan on creating a few flyers and cards today to help reach out for support too.  Thanks to the many, many people who have helped already.

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