Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Lately, all that comes in the mail are bills.  Mail time, from most, is not the most fun part of the day.  Today, it was a bit better.  After checking the mail, finding bills, I chocked it up to another bad mail day...then there is a knock on the door...."FedEx".  I was not expecting a package.  I always let Melissa open the packages.  When she did, she was pleasantly surprised to find some very kind gifts and a substantial donation from the Matthew Renk Foundation (  I had contacted them, among many other organizations, for help with our coming rent and power bill payments.  When I initially emailed them, I gave them our story, links to the blog and fundraiser, and asked for any help we were eligible for.  Mrs. Renk, Matthew's mom, replied simply "We would love to help!".  I replied offering any of my info she might need...but since, I had forgotten about it.  They helped us without asking probing questions, complicated applications, and or any helps....just pure help.  They are the first organization, among the hundreds I have reached out to, to extend real questions asked.  It was nice to see Melissa cry for a good reason this time.  I will wear my "Think GREY" bracelet every day....and always thing about Matthew and his fight.

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