Friday, February 15, 2013


We had a nice Valentines.  I had to work, but after we did diner at Longstreet's and got Melissa a Kindle.  My Aunt had sent a Melissa a gift with specific instructions to spend it on, nails, etc...but since the surgery, her nails are sensitive and her hair, well, may fall out, so she went techie instead.  So, those wanting to just send her a little something, Amazon gift cards are sweet.

TV was chock full of low-intelligence TV to DVR....then kinda of girly show I dig...though, hospital dramas are just not the same anymore after you live a few.

Please keep sharing the fundraiser on GiveForward...tell friends "just Google 'Barr's Battle Brain Cancer'".

I have found many, many organization across the country that lend help to cancer patients...problem is, there are so many to, one way you could help is look up some resources...if they have contact emails, contact them...tell them our story...share this blog...have them email you or me with any help we are eligible for.  The fact of the matter is, our medical bills and her not working really will do some damage to us financially....and there is no way I can expect my close family and friends to bare the burden with let's all see what and who is out there to help.  Good hunting!

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