Thursday, February 28, 2013


Treatments are still going on....and she is still pretty un-phased, though her stomach has stayed a bit upset.

Getting Melissa to treatments has been an uphill battle.  Just a few weeks left.  Many people have helped...don't get me wrong.  It is just a pretty big chore to remember every day...and when no one is around, I miss work.  Not an ideal situation, but temporary....just a few weeks left.  Just have to get a tab bit more organized and plan ahead....something neither of us have ever been great at.

Little man had a project for Black History Month, that I mentions a few days back.  Funny, he went from spelling "is" to having to write and read a oral report to the class...given, we kept it fairly simple....but even still, there were words he just has no idea how to read yet.  So, today was the day he was to present said project.  We rehearsed for hours...we worked on the project for hours upon hours.  Because there were words he was not going to remember (like "lawyer" and "senator")...he memorized what to say.  Well...he froze when it came time to do his project and was given a 0.  I am upset....not just because we worked hard and he froze...I half expected that (honestly)....but also because he was asked to go above his grade, beyond what he has been taught ALL OF A SUDDEN and was cut no break, seemingly, at all.  Granted, he was not behaving today either....if the teacher would have asked him just "Who is your project on?" and "Who was he" he would have been able to tell least, he should have been.  I have to also go back to the fact that this is kindergarten....and not a place for written/oral reports....and I respect the hell out of Black History Month, ok, but come on?  I can flipping guarantee you no Prince George, Col. Heights, Chester, or any other more ethnically balanced school system would have kindergartners being asked to accomplish such a task for Black History Month.

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  1. In kindergarten both my boys both had to do a few types of oral reports. They had to dress up or create a poster/prop of the nursery rhyme of their choice and then recite the rhyme in front of their class. Another time they had to make a leprechaun trap and demonstrate it to the class. Hmm... Nothing report like what Michael had to do though that I can remember. But each year K-5th the boys have had several oral reports/demo's they had to deliver to their classes. But I also know the teachers prompt the kids that freeze to help ease the nerves. Seems like to me, Michael's teacher could have been more understanding and passionate.