Friday, February 8, 2013


Forgot to mention that little man came home sick from school yesterday.  He was running a fever, had a soar throat, and was very sensitive to bright light.  Of course, I am paranoid about any illness these days.  He has a doctors appointment this afternoon.  I better get on the phone and call every person in his school's office to be sure they do not send the truancy officer.  Jeez....feel like a criminal for letting my kid stay home sick and miss time when his mommy was having brain surgery.

Turned out to be the Flu.  Though the timing is not the worst for the Flu to be in my house, it is still not good. Radiation and Chemo should be starting in less than two weeks, so we better be past all this before that starts.  Needless to say, hand sanitizer, Lysol, Clorox wipes, and masks are being used obsessively.

Please keep sharing the link to the fundraiser, which you can keep close tabs on right here on the blog sight as well (top right side for the screen).  I can not thank everyone enough.  Long road ahead, though...jeez.

Speaking of thanks....I received a kind and short letter from a cousin I barely know in NC, that included a kind donation.  Makes me wish I visited those family in NC is never too late.

One thing I can tell you, you have no idea how great your family and friends are until you really need them.  So next time your bitching about going to that Family Reunion in BFE somewhere or supporting your buddy's band...go, because one day you may need them, they may need and good friends are wonderful in good times and absolutely invaluable if you ever find yourself staring into your worst fears.

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