Thursday, February 7, 2013


The fundraiser crested $1,000 today....with a goal of $15,000, it leaves a ways to go, but a great start.  Have to thank all who have given, both to the fundraiser or in the form of checks.  I doubt anyone realized those gifts helped us keep our car this month...keep our house....keep our copays.  I make sure every dollar is appropriated right.  So far, so good...we have wonderful friends and family...shame it takes Cancer to figure just how great they are....but if anything good has come from all this, it is the fact that we now know how important and kindhearted each friend and family member can be when duty calls.

As I was writing above I realized that we never have sent Thank You Notes out....I made this comment to one friend last week who said "Thank You!??  People know your thak

Our first oncologist appointment was today.  Things went well.  Our doctor's suggested treatment mirrored that of UVA.  It is as about as aggressive as we can get.  We will find out when it all starts this Tuesday.  Melissa is a soldier and is coming at this thing full speed....pretty inspiring, if you ask me.

So, for those who want ya go.  Radiation will be done Monday through Friday for 30 minutes a day for 6 weeks.  The Chemo will be in the form of a pill (Temodar, to be specific) which will be taken daily for 42 days (during radiation) and then 5 days a month (following a short break post-radiation) for the next year.  Not sure what will follow...but they talk like we have one shot at the radiation.  That may not be the case, but we will see.  Everything depends on how it responds.

After 2+ months of dealing with this tumor, I can tell you, you see "the wall", so to speak, in the terms of what doctors know about how to treat these things.  Even the chemo pill we are going to try has little finished studies to go on....after our luck so far, I am not crazy about guessing or "rolling the dice"...don't play lotto anymore....haha....but it is the best possible solution out there, so what can you do but try and hope.

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