Monday, February 4, 2013


Superbowl Sunday.  Next year this is liable to be a Redskins game...but this year, Ravens and 49ers.  I have a few relatives who are Ravens fans, so I guess I will root for the Ravens.  Kind of the last year I would expect them to be this good, with some many changes coming to that defense.

Melissa had the pick line removed.  It was less than a desirable thing to watch, so I hid my eyes, but it was quick and not as painful as either of us expected.  Now, no medical leash!  Yeah!  No more $71 a day co-pays!  Yeah!  On to the treatment phase.  Made our reservations for the Red Roof Inn in Charlottesville for Monday night.  I doubt we will find out much, besides finally getting some post-op images, but perhaps we come out of it with a better feeling.  Cross your toes!

Lasagna tonight, compliments of was yummy!

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