Monday, February 18, 2013

2/16/2013 & 2/17/2013

Special thanks to the gentleman (and lady) at Parham's Service Center for the kind card and donation!  Those guys (and gal) are just great people and I am proud to tell people I used to work there.

Explored with little man a little Saturday morning.  We went to Stoney Point Fashion Mall....probably about the worst day for it too, as it is an outdoor mall and it was cold and a little snowy.  This trip was spawned through a conversation between me and midget...he asked me "What are those steps called that move?"  I answered, "An escalator."  He replied, " escalator.  Daddy, I want to go to an escalator."  So, we took an adventure drive to see a few escalators.  We did manage to find a sweet deal on a Spiderman shirt as it was not the most unproductive day.

Sunday, my goal was to lay around the house, but midget was cantankerous so we took a country drive.  Besides a little house cleaning, I got little done...on purpose.  haha....

A good friend and ex-coworker of Melissa dropped off some goodies to help with dinner this week.  Less I have to worry about....and yummy stuff to.

Tomorrow....treatment begins!

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