Thursday, February 14, 2013


Little man has not been the best at school lately.  When I picked him up from school today, I could just tell he had a rough day.  He was getting his coat and backpack, I saw a "Communication Sheet" laying where he was doing his homework.  As I approached it, I saw writing all over it, red marker, and not-so-smiley faces everywhere....good thing for little man, as I got closer, his after-school teacher snatched it up and said "Oh, that is not his!"  Thank God....he did not have the best marks, but obviously, not the worst either.  haha....

Midget is feeling better now....and so far, so good with both of us.

Melissa has not slept well.  Even with new stronger medication, she can not sleep at night.  She can nap like crazy, it is that sleep thing that eludes her.  I think she will call the doctor tomorrow to see what else she can do or take to help.  Besides sleep, she is having the best health lately she has had in 2 months.  Hurrah!

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