Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Monday, Funday?  Little man has a fun day at the YMCA.  School was out for President's Day playing games and watching movies at the YMCA.  They run the in-school after-school program he attends.  He told me today that a little girl in his class thought he smelled so good she wanted to take him home.  Oh my...I always planned on passing down my obsession with smelling good, but I had no idea it would work that much better for him then it did for me.  Haha....needless to say, he told her "Ewww..."

Melissa did not have radiation today...they just did some imaging.  She did complain that the mask they use was very, very uncomfortable...they best fix that.  Radiation will start tomorrow (Tuesday), so we hear.  Then she will start her chemo pill, Temodar, at bedtime, for the next 6 weeks (as radiation continues).

I researched another therapy using specifically designed and tailored amino-acids and immune cells to attack brain cancer, which have no adverse affects on healthy cells....this is offered in Molecular Oncology (or, at least that is the type of health science researching this).  There have been many successful trials involving inoperable brain tumors.  Unfortunately, each trial is tailored to a specific mutation type....none of which are the type Melissa is dealing with.  I did talk to the UVA doctor who was involved with these trials, who said he really felt radiation and this chemo pill would be our best shot....even the other therapies are not cures.  That is part of what is wrong with medicine.  Besides astronomical charges, research money is unevenly divided and used to search for cures, but when treatments (or care that only prolongs life or improves low odds) are found, the hunt for the cure becomes a business for selling treatments.  In an honest world, that profit should filter straight back into finding the cure.  I am sure some of it does, but lets face it, if a business can sell you millions in care versus thousands in cures, what do you think they will do?  I do not want to come off "angry with the system"...we have good insurance and great doctors doing all they can do...but beyond them lies problems.

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