Monday, February 25, 2013

2/22/2013 & 2/23/2013 &2/24/2013

The weekend is finally here, and so ends the the first week of treatments.  Nausea is still an issue, but she has found a few coping tools...aka, Luigi's Frozen Lemon Ices.  Funny thing, she really does not normally like them, but the lemon helps somehow.

Little man had a super weekend, filled with games, movies, GameStop, and even chocolate cake.  Yes, I tend to spoil him some...bribe even....but we had a nice weekend, so it paid off.

Little man a written project for Black History month, that he will be required to orally present....KINDERGARTEN.  Hello?  Funny, but so far they are barely writing sentences...spelling words are only 4-5 letters at the most....I mean, is it just time for these kind of projects or are they reaching?  I think reaching, but we will do our best to get him ready.

Worked around the house some this weekend....not quite my fancy, but somebody has to do it.  Worked a few hours....looked as if someone who knows how to clean worked for 10 minutes.  Uphill battle on the best of days....

Played music Sunday....finally.  Got to get back to that...time is limited but just have to make time for it.  "Make time"....if only I had that recipe.

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