Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Rough Monday.  None of us felt like getting out of bed to start the week...including the little man.  I literally dressed him as he slept.  I forgot all about a coworker being out today in the office...oops.  Typical Monday stuff....haha.

I have received several touching messages from friends and family, of course, but also from several complete strangers, frankly.  Here are a few worth mentioning...

First was nice fellow who commented on 2/15/2013's post.  He and his wife are a little younger than us but have faced very similar health issues, if not, in an even more challenging crisis.  He found my blog through Twitter.  Though I tend to ramble on my blog, somehow, my blog seemed to help him some.  I am so glad my blog could help.  Not sure exactly what prompted me to start my blog, but since, I have found it serves SO many purposes.  It is my 'confidant', Melissa News Blog, a record of our story, and a resource for fellow cancer survivors and patients.  I am proud of this blog.  Somehow, it really seems to help...help me, others, family, friends...it helps people.  Though sometimes I may regret my inherited gift to burst into an occasional tangent, it is what led me to blogging and what gives me the power to engulf myself in writing....it makes me feel bigger than just some guy who's wife has brain cancer.

The second message was from a Twitter follower and Redskins fan.  I was shocked when, in response to my post about the fundraiser, that a complete stranger would go out of his way to message me, get my address, and send me a small note of inspiration and a donation to help us.  Redskins fans in general have been incredible supportive...they always RT my posts about the fundraiser and offer kind words....but this guy went above and beyond.  It is not that he sent some amazing letter or some huge donation, it was that he took the time to help a stranger.  I think if more people made a point to do decent things like this, the world just would be a better place.

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