Thursday, January 31, 2013


Long days usually start with you waking up and thinking, "I am so glad this is Thursday" but then quickly realizing that it is actually Wednesday....that is how I started my day.  Haha...

Melissa has taken the reigns on her meds and done a great job.  One less thing on my plate.  I always hated pestering her to take her meds.  I think I apologized, for some reason, every single time I had to wake her or give her a shot.

Took little man to Walmart...always a fun outing (...uh, not!).  We did manage to find him a coat and a new shirt for school...though I swear, there was like 6 racks of boys stuff and about 60 of girls stuff....NO FAIR! I actually plan on emailing Walmart about that.  Sexist fascists!  haha....

Hamburger helper ranks high on little man's list of desired we had that for diner.  Not our favorite...oh the sacrifices good parents make!

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