Thursday, April 11, 2013


So, unknowingly, it seems I may have set the bar quite high for this weekend's 11th Wedding Anniversary (April 13th).  Just after the dust settled from the Limo excursion, Melissa said, "So, what do you have planned for our Anniversary?"  Great question...oh boy.  At least a good friend of mine, who happens to share the same anniversary day, is as well planned as I am.  Got to get to work on that....

Looks like some of the National early morning news picked up the story.  Who knows who was watching.  Pretty cool.

Today we found out when Melissa will start SSD benefits....and I can tell you, the 5 month waiting period is going to be a nightmare.  We have been blessed to get so many gifts and help already....muscling up to cover these last couple months before she gets income is going to be really tough....but you get by, right?  I said that before on the by them, right?

Ever seen a radiation mask before?

X marks the spot!

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