Monday, April 8, 2013

4/6/2013 and 4/7/2013 - Virginia Beach


For a couple of weeks now, we have really needed to get away.  Seems like I am always in a constant battle of "Can we afford to?" and "Can we afford NOT to?" in my own mind...this was a trip that was probably 60% need, 40% want...but I found a good deal on a nice place, so we got up, packed the car, and rode down to Virginia Beach for the day.  I booked us at the Oceanside Inn.  This was actually a pretty nice place....little aggressive about the "NO SMOKING" policy, but pretty nice inside.  You could tell, at one time, this was a very smoking friendly place but times Americans become Socialists, but I will save that for my other soap box.  I chose this place for not only it's more affordable rates, but the indoor heated pool.  It was still a bit cold for walking the beach, so the pool paid off.  I took midget for a nice swim, after which, we cleaned up and went out to diner.  The Beach Pub was the researched choice for diner (featured on Drive-In's Diners and Dives).  This was a dive, but full of character and pretty good food for a fair price.


This morning, we ate at the hotel restaurant, which was good but way, way expensive.  Turns out the advertisements on the elevator for a $5 breakfast were only available through the front desk, so our breakfast cost about as much as diner the night before (bacon and eggs for the same price as steak and shrimp)....I was kind of pissed, but canned it well and enjoyed my breakfast.  So our plan was to walk down Atlantic to an arcade we spotted the day before.  It was a bit more of a walk than Melissa had undertaken in a while.  She did well, though, and made the trip...and the arcade was epic.  I had many a flashbacks to the old Aladdin's Castle days at Walnut Mall in Petersburg.  Arcades are a dying breed these days.  The walk back required us to take a nice midway break...and lucked upon a nice NY Pizza/Italian joint...after which we strolled back to the car.  Took little man to the water's edge.  Of course, he got drenched in cold, cold water, but insisted he was ok. that little guy.

Here are a few pictures...

Family Deals?  Really?  Is this a thing now?  ...and no, we passed up on this family offer....along with passing on the body jewelry and Hookah Starter Package.

He loved that heated pool.  Bit more chlorine then I care for, but we had fun!

This Neptune statue is cool.  Huge too....we may even come back for the Neptune festival, depending on if our tax money clears in time.

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