Monday, April 1, 2013


I had high hopes of getting out of the house early today...but both me and little man where not moving too quick this morning.  Eventually we left out, in seek of a hair cut.  This is always a crap shoot.  I never have quite a plan where to go and almost everyone who cuts his hair is equally as puzzled as to what to do with it....on the advice of my 5 year old (who really did not want his hair all cut off), I took him to the mall to a place Melissa would go.  There, a nice lady untangled his hair and trimmed/shape it some.  Really, it did not look much different, thus, no before/after photos to speak of....though tomorrows post will have some for sure.  Honestly, though it was only $10, I ended up touching it up at home....but with a little curly-hair product, he is handsome.

After the mall, which was a mad house, we ventured over to a new restaurant, the Tilted Kilt.  Ok....probably not the most "family friendly" of places, though I had heard they reeled back the skimpy uniforms some at this location....we could not tell.  Little man had fun...probably never acted better in a restaurant.  Maybe he or I was just distracted...haha...who knows?  Food was good.

It was nice to get out of the house some.  I suppose this thing is starting to take some tole on me, as well.  I have a lot more head-aches now.  Battling heartburn more lately.  I suppose it is mostly stress.  I could use a few worry-free days in the sun....suppose we all could, though.

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