Thursday, April 4, 2013


A couple of days ago, my dad showed me a new "piece", as pickers call them, he found.  It was some kind of four-barreled cast-iron booby trap, of sorts...had to be 1850's-1860's.  Anyway...on a whim, and in response to an advertisement for being on the show, I contact the producers of Pawn Stars...who then quickly replied.  We have exchanged several emails about the item.  Though I have not heard back yet, I would have to think that gives me a shot at being on the show.  Problem...finding the time and money to go to Vegas.  haha...well, who never catch a big fish without casting out a line...unless you are noodling or get the idea.

I also sent on some preliminary emails on getting media access for the upcoming Redskins Training Camp in most of you know, I run a popular Redskins blog too....wish me luck!

Enough about me...Melissa is doing great.  Seems to mysteriously have a bit more energy...maybe a a little sleep is occurring at night after all.  Besides that, she is doing well and still counting the minutes until Tuesday's last treatment.

Also, because I gave the wrong info like 3 times, her last day is in fact the 9th of April...this coming Tuesday.  

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