Monday, April 1, 2013

3/31/2013 - Easter!

Happy Easter everyone!

Like Christmas morning, I was awakened by a very stealthy 5 year old around 6 something (it was too early to focus on the clock)...he said "Dad....psst....Dad....the Easter Bunny came."  Begrudgingly, I got up and went into the living room.  He did have a decent spread, though, it is so easy to please the little ones.  He is a awful gracious kid, though....I have a pretty good feeling that regardless of how plentiful holidays are in the future, he will be happy.  This year, the highlight seemed to be the fake mustaches.

Such a ham....he insisted on wearing it to 7-11...they got quite a kick out of it.

On the way home, he asked if my uncle was coming for East dinner at my parents.  Not knowing, I said, "Maybe" which he replied, "Yes!  He is so tall, like a giant.  He has a mustache."  Kids...

We had a nice simple dinner at my parents, followed by a short, but fun egg hunt....

Melissa was worn out, by the end of the day....but here is a pick of her with her hawk spiked, scar showing....

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