Wednesday, April 17, 2013

4/14/2013 - The OTHER Surprise...

In case you were wondering, yes, I love surprises.  So, today started like any other Sunday morning.  Me and little man were up early, Melissa was trying to sleep in some.  Later on, little man left to spend the day with his grandma and papa.  I hurry to do some laundry for our overnight excursion.

About a week ago, I emailed the Jefferson Hotel, in hopes that they might be touched by our story enough to invite us for our Anniversary.  The Hotel manager messaged me back, within a day, gladly helping me surprise Melissa, at no cost to us.  At this point, she is still unaware of where we are going.  The morning led into the afternoon, as we waited for laundry.  Even when that was done, Melissa still was not motivated and just didn't feel well.  Despite that, though, she eventually dragged herself together.  After we left, she found out that we were going to the Jefferson.

We arrived to a busy registration area....that awkward moment when a beat up Hyundai pulls up to a 5 star motel with Lexus', BMW's, and Caddy's all around.  First time the Hyundai has seen Valet action.  Large fountain drinks and luggage in hand, we strolled into the amazing lobby.

I thought, "WOW, we are out of our element."  I said to Melissa, "Probably shouldn't have these soda's in here."  haha....acting as if I was on my mother's living room rug.

Upon check in, the desk clerk says, "I am not going to tell you the kind of room you have...I will let you be surprised."  Before that, all I expected was a basic room....obviously we had quite an upgrade I was unaware of.

Suite?  Oh boy....

I open the door to this...

I was beside myself.  Melissa....she is so hard to read.

The Jefferson was first class...all the way.  The support staff and accommodations are amazing.  Even the bottled water was fancy.  I had never stayed in a place that nice.  Many Presidents...hell, even the ROLLING STONES rented that room!

We went to dinner at the Capital Ale House (compliments of some good friends).

We had a good night, though, I could tell she did not feel well.  I did manage to get her swimming for a bit in the indoor pool, after which, she wanted to nap.

I wondered around the hotel...alone.  I sat at the bar for a drink...alone.  I was almost desperate for someone to be excited with.  I should have brought little man with us.  Later on, I actually got a little upset that she was not more excited...she was not interested much in seeing the hotel.  Her reactions seemed to me like we might as well had been staying at a Ho-Jo's....though she assured me she was having fun.  I guess I had some cooked up expectations of what a person who has NOT been through hell would act.  As you can tell, since this all began, I work my ass off all the time to try to put a smile on her uphill battle, at best, and sometimes, just an impossible task.

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