Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Another Monday...uh.  I never know whether this will be one of those weeks that flies by or one of those weeks that leaves me crawling towards my recliner.  I was two years past-due for a vacation when this brain cancer roller coaster started.  We are now desperately in need of some quality down-time, yet, Melissa is still not quite there physically to make it worth doing anything...but a little over a month from now, we have plans.  They are still developing, involving a great organization 3 Little Birds 4 Life, so as soon as details are finalized, I will be employing every follower of the blog, every friend, every family member to help.  Pretty exciting though...I will keep you posted.

Our health insurance is up for renewal and I am scared.  I am at least expecting an increase....and I already pay 18% of my income for health insurance.  Looks like some kind of drop in coverage is coming...higher deductibles or higher out-of-pocket limits....whatever it is, there is one thing for sure, it will not be good for my family and will likely just cost me more money that we do not have to spare.  Some health care reform...boo.

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