Friday, April 26, 2013


Today started like any other Tuesday.  Off to school and work, accordingly.  After work, though, I would be thrown for a loop.  So, when I picked up little man from school, he said.  "Dad, there is a letter in there for you."  Knowing something transpired Friday, I rushed to see what it was.  The letter was suspending him for 2 days for some kind of physical altercation.  I say, out loud, in anger, "...and NO ONE CALLED ME?"  Nope, no one called, or, for that matter, even made a big deal about it.  I was vaguely told of something that happened Friday, not nothing this serious.  Besides, he is in Kindergarten.  Know, my son's behavior is not always good, but both I and his teachers would tell you that it is better than average.  Violence is not something he has a reputation for.  When asked about what happened, he told me that the other kid kept hitting him and picking on him and that, eventually, he bit him.  Biting is never acceptable, but defending 5....well...what do you say?  I told him I did not want him to hurt anyone, but to not let anyone hurt him either and to tell the teacher if anyone messes with him.  Needless to say, though, I am livid and desperate to find out the facts and why I was not called.  So, I decided to attend "Family Fun Night" alone, letter in hand, looking for the person to be-little, nicely, of course.  After waiting an hour, I got to meet the lady who was in charge of his suspension.  I was given every excuse imaginable for why it was so grossly mishandled and told that for that offense, the book says suspension....and that the school had no funding or resources for any alternative forms of punishment.  I expressed my disgust with how untimely it was handled and pressed for the facts...she had none.  So, she "handled" things with no facts at all. I left that conversation with enough ammo to sink her ship, so to speak.  For 5 hours, until almost 1 am, I drafted a letter "word-smithed" to perfection.  Tune in to tomorrows post to see how that went.

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