Friday, April 26, 2013


Little man stayed home today...probably better that way, because I plan on turning his school inside out today.  After some thought last night...and drafting the letter, I thought, "They probably hoped I would just take his suspension and be cool with that.  Uh...No."  I finally get a call from the teacher who witnessed this "violent" act to find out she did not even see it happened, though, my honest son fessed up.  Seems like something he should surely be punished for, but not suspended.  No one really got hurt...and hell, he is only 5 years old.  The call left me charged up....with a nasty letter in hand.  After emailing my letter to my contact on the School Board, and bouncing several emails, I set out to hand deliver it to the Principle, talking to the chairman of the School Board on the way.  My emails reached the right places, because she was well aware I was coming and was ready.  She opened my letter immediately and went to reading....three pages...yep, I tend to elaborate when pissed.  Though I did not expect to call her out face to face, I did just that, as she questioned the concerns I addressed in the letter.  In a calm, zen-master-like fashion, I let her have it.  I starred her in the eye and let her know I was not going to be messed with, that I expect them to do their job, that I thought she was cold-hearted and non-compassionate, and that the entire school needed to learn how to communicate....after which, she repealed the suspension and apologized.  "We hope this will not happen again" she said...yeah lady, me too.  Damn.

I worked extensively with little man, in hopes of teaching him so that this never happens again.  I have a feeling, his biting days are through.

I did feel quite a level of accomplishment....I think men must be challenged like that every once and a while.  Good for the blood pressure...well, maybe not THAT, but I have always wanted a reason worth going into those schools and making them do their job, now I am raising that reason.

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