Tuesday, April 16, 2013

4/12/2013 & 4/13/2013


Fridays are special days for me.  The end of the work week also spells a much needed break from the grind...though, weekends are how I catch up on the house and such, it is just nice to have some time at home.  Weekdays are so hectic...run, run, run...and that is without doctors appointments and such.  This weekend, though, is special.  Saturday is Melissa and I's 11th Wedding Anniversary.  Saturday will be a rest day for her and a catch-up day for me, but Sunday I have a big surprise planned.

Friday also marks me and little man's weekly trip to Game Stop.  He was pretty good this week, so we went.  It sounds like an expensive trip, but we always buy used games.  Sometimes we trade a few in also, which most times helps it cost under $5 a trip.  He loves it, too, and works hard (most weeks) to make sure he does well enough in school to go.  I can not lie, though, I also love video games.  Lately, after little man is in bed and the house settle down, I settle in to some Tiger Woods 2014.  I love golf, but I am afraid when I go out to play, it does not love me back much, but the video game...I excel...it loves me.


Melissa was not feeling good today.  At best, she maybe sleeps 2 or 3 hours at a time.  The roller coaster of one minute feeling normal and the next being drained and exhausted...most the time, staying exhausted.  Now that the radiation is done, I hope she gets up and is a bit more active.  I think it would help her sleep better and improve her overall health.  She has mentioned wanting to get a small part-time job, but I have not seen her on her feet for more than a couple hours since her surgery.  I think she needs to be a bit more active to get back to working.  Doctors still have not directly cleared her to work, anyway.

So today was just me and midget.  We did some yard-sale'ing and cruising around in the country.  Later we both did some picking up around the house.  I had to do some laundry for my big surprise overnight'er with Melissa.  She does not seem to be very excited....though, she knows little about what we are doing.  I suppose it is hard to get excited when you feel like crap.

I was thinking, today, that I have not cooked a good meal in quite a while.  I am always an hour behind come dinner time....not to mention I flipping HATE doing dishes (though, lately I seem to be the only one who will do them).  I feel like I have to get back to cooking, despite the dishes.  So, tonight, I whipped up some French Toast, something I do very well.  Even our dog April knows when I am cooking French Toast. Chili is on the horizon.

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