Wednesday, April 3, 2013


A Twitter account I follow ( @IHadCancer ) asked a very good question to it's followers today...

What has Cancer taught you?

If I had to choose one thing I have learned, or perhaps the first thing that comes to mind is...

There are some things in life that you just can never truly be prepared for...but, some how, you get by.  At times, things are so flustered and jumbled that you may not know how, but you get by.  It may take the help of every friend, family member, and even some complete strangers....but you get by.

I have to admit, I have learned much more than just that, though....I am now a novice neurologist.  I understand blood work, many medications (and the related side effects), oh...and that cancer sucks.

Tonight was date night.  I was not sure if she would feel up to it, but when I got home, she was showered and ready to go out.  K&L BBQ (in Hopewell, VA) was the restaurant of choice.  Best deal around for a wide spread of food.  It was quite pleasant...and yes, we ate way too much.  After that we wondered to our favorite spot in Old Towne Petersburg...Longstreet's.  We just do not get out much anymore.  It is hard to find the time, much less the money, to go out much anymore.  Seems I always have more pressing issues at home.  Those couple drinks last night reminded me....we need to get out more.

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