Tuesday, January 15, 2013


As much as we want people to understand what we are going through, most don't...and I am not even sure we do sometimes.  This entire ordeal is so unfair...unlikely....uncommon...and Melissa is so not deserving of any of this.  This is so hard to deal with...every flipping aspect of it.  I hate to leave her side, but because SOME people do not understand the magnitude of things, I can't be there as much as I wish I was....there is nothing easy at all about any of this....especially the days were I am forced to miss work or miss time with my son...trust me, when I at that hospital and dealing with this crisis, the only joy to be found is doing what I can to make my wife's day better.  

The weekend is upon us and I plan on spending the entire weekend with my honey, at her beside.  Got all her stuff packed up to drag back to the hospital.  Probably stay over Saturday night, if a recliner can be found...if not, I will stay late and return early.

Cancer, the gift that just keeps giving.     

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