Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Winning...free hospital WiFi!

Melissa is having it rough....no one tells her not to eat and gets away with it. She just went back to meet the first on many doctors today.

We are Traveling like gypsies....toting bags of stuff everywhere...more in the car.

She is back for the stealth MRI.

Surgery is on schedule...she is off to see the wizard. Game time...now the waiting really begins. I will post updates when I get them from the nurses.

Got my first update...procedure underway...stable. Be about an hour before the next update.

It is now almost 6 and there has not been a second update...so I should have some news soon.

6:20. I just got an update....stable...did good....closing. 45 min or so left then the doctor comes out.

7:30. She is out and stable...working on waking her now....but surgery is done. They got most of it....looked like brain cells which is good. Now we wait for pathology....probably monday. They seemed concerned they did not get all of it....but if pathology comes back benign and lower grade, the worst could be over. If it grades higher or malignant, she may need radiation or chemo.....so please keep the thoughts and prayers coming. She may still need therapy or have side effects of the major brain surgery she just survived....only the next day and on will tell.

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