Tuesday, January 15, 2013


This morning she gets to eat real food again...and that will make her really happy. Nurses noticed her left eye, the one under the most pressure, still is effected by some swelling.

I can not tell you how nice it is to have a conversation with her...share a laugh...no matter who in surrounded myself with, I was still missing her....and I know for me and my dad, just hearing her talk and seeing that the Melissa when know and love is still right there....just with a nice head wound and nasty disposition to pesky nurses.

The brain drain, which would also b a great band name, may come out today, which has to happen before we get out of icu.

The recliner they found me yesterday may have just extended my life expectancy....as sleeping in two chairs pushed together was surely shortening it.

I can tell you for sure, this entire surgery and post op was well more serious than we expected. Just did not think about the drains, hoses, IVs, immobility, helplessness, limited diet, ETC.

For me, sometimes I wish I was at work...haha....it is so much easier then what I am currently dealing with....though getting to eat out, thanks to my pops and a good friend, has been nice. Johnny Rockets is pretty yummy....the hooter up her was pretty crummy, but food was ok. Jimmie Johns today for lunch as long as Melissa does good with breakfast.

I need to find time to do my redskins posts....they have really helped brighten my mood....almost feels like they are winning because they just know I need it.

The brain drain was removed....one step closer to getting out of bed. Pain in the jaw is giving her grief...along with the right eye but still progressing well.

I found a Quiznos, Starbucks, and Sweet Frog side by side by side....this was a sign from above...one I certainly noticed and responded to. Sub and coffee for me...frozen yogurt for my lady.

Her eye is swollen today like she talked shit to Mike Tyson....I took a picture but I am not about to lose all these brownie points posting it.

The catheter and brain drain are out...she is having to get out of the bed to potty....though not easy for her, it is so gratifying to her. Oh, the little things.

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