Thursday, January 17, 2013


Melissa really likes her Neurosurgeon...well, we both do.  You never want to have to use those words, but he is a really good, anal, and experienced.  We kind of lucked into that, really....I mean, who knows anything about Neurosurgeons until you need one...and even then, you probably will have no idea if they are good or not until after surgery.  We lucked out.

Though we like him, and all, we hope to not need his surgical skill-set again.

Here is a candid shot of our Neurosurgeon...doing whatever it takes to make a patient feel better.

After a successful surgery, it is nice to kick back and relax with a short, pink wig.

No, he does not do parties....

Melissa brought her fun wig selection to the hospital...he grabbed the wig, she grabbed the camera.  I have to say, the wig and the goatee, not a great look for him, but fun never-the-less.

In the doc's defense, this is an awfully well dressed and stylish guy, normally.

While I am mentioning hospital staff...I have to say, we have grown fond of several of the nurses as well (you know who you are)...the Neuroscience floor really has it's stuff together.

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