Tuesday, January 15, 2013


I watched the Redskins game at my wife's bedside today...silent screams and cheers....a set closer to destiny for them....good stuff....big win.

Melissa was tired....swelling looked worse, but she seemed all there.  She is having trouble with her IV lines...so many...so many needles for drawing blood, old IV's from surgery and the hospital stay before that. Plan on talking to the doctors, but imagine there is not much they can do....maybe a main line or something would make her more comfortable.

There is no resting in the ICU...nurses every hour on the hour...various blood tests and medicines throughout the day.

Had our super nurse today....I think having the same nurses is nice....they know what to expect...makes it easier on everyone.  Plus, with most neuro patients, personality changes and such need to be noticed...hard to do if you are just meeting the patient for the first time.

I can say, honestly, I am very surprised that a councilor or someone has not been advised to what we are going through....but, all in all, I think we are both fairing well.  I worry about her because I know that she wants to be strong around me...we know each other well, I am sure she knows that is what I need.  Tough stuff...

She is still not near out of the water on this infection....and will most likely see these antibiotics for some time in hopes they do the job....nobody has warned us of anything, but from what I have read...well, a lot more "wait and see"....hope....hell, it is all you can have, ya know.

I really wanted her home for Christmas....little man is being so good and really, he has proven to me just how tough kids are....envious really.  After missing this opportunity at a quality family time, we could really all use something like that after we get her stable and home.  Just never enough time....even if you are healthy...never really understood how important every moment is until now.

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