Tuesday, January 15, 2013


So today we travel to Johnston Willis to meet with a neurosurgeon.  Still surreal...this can not be happening, right?  Our directions were crummy...I knew where the hospital was, but there were multiple buildings...multiple entrances...but eventually, after much tromping about the campus, we found where we needed to be.  Things began to take shape...to feel real, as we waited for the unknown.  Others in the waiting room sported massive head scars, limps, inability to walk/talk/see...I knew we were looking a room full of people lucky to be alive, I guess.  Question in my mind was, ARE we going to be one of these people?

After some waiting, we got in to the neuroscience department for our first meeting with the doctor.  His nurse ran some basic tests, she said "Seeing how your brain works"...she tested fine, much to the surprise of the nurse.  She even spun around, wobbled a bit and the nurse all but dived to catch her.  Her doctors were amazed she had not had any seizures, no other symptoms than the head-aches and dizziness that led her to the doctor in the first place.  The doctor needed more tests and to administer IV medicine, so she was admitted.  Our first hospital stay with the "alien" (which my wife has began to call her tumor).  You have to be able to have a sense of humor when you or a loved ones life hangs in the balance with any and all resolution unknown.  We still have no real answers....but I am beginning to feel she has been lucky...well, kinda...lucky to have not had more problems...tumor, eh, not so lucky.  I went downstairs for something, and when I returned I found I had missed her doctor visiting the room.  He mentioned that he did not think it was cancer and that he was unsure if surgery would be needed.  Good news?  I got her settled, as much as possible...it was late...time to head home and get my boy ready for bed.  Not looking forward to explaining this situation to a 5yo, but if all goes as well as we expect, it will just be a scary thing he will not remember.

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