Thursday, January 24, 2013


Snow is falling this morning!  Granted, it is not expected to accumulate much, it is still pretty.

On a different note...

Every day, I sneak a special treat into my little man's lunch muffins, Reeses cup, mini-marshmallows....always something.  He sneaks a peak before lunch everyday.  It's just a little cute thing we do...every day he notices.  The kid does not miss much.  I use his fresh, accurate memory as a memo pad sometimes..."remind Daddy to find you other coat tonight"..."remind Daddy to wash some of your clothes tonight" and so forth...he always remembers.

Melissa feels good today and is almost, ALMOST, sticking to her drug regiment.  Baby steps...
She has had no relapse of swelling, though the "skull flap" (great band name, BTW) was hurting some, she is doing well.  About time to reschedule the oncology appointments...oh joy.

The radiation will be 5 days a week for 35 min a day for 6 weeks...not sure how I will ever pull off this logistical nightmare, beings the hospital is like 30 miles away and she can't drive, but what choice do we have?  Just have to find a way.

I am a very patient person...for the most part (as long as it doesn't involve football, really-REALLY stupid people, or mimes).  This gift, as most would call it, has come in quite handy lately.  Yet, it is tested daily.  Melissa will not answer her phone...not just today, but hardly ever.  Perhaps it is because I call her during my work day, which happens to coincide with her "sleep-day"...needless to say, it urks me like crazy.  Today, I happen to have important info about her doses changing, yet, she does not answer.  Hahaha...I mean, we got new phones last month because hers was broken....this one might be as well.  haha....

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