Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Today started early...for Melissa, she started having the mother of all headaches about 1am...by 4am we are on our way to the hospital.  The hospital was not busy...I was sure the deluxe parking spot I found was illegal somehow....but no, just that damn early.

Turns out she has an infection...not sure exactly what, but this means a stay in the hospital and seems pretty serious....and being they rescheduled her other appointments the day after Christmas, it looks like we may not have Mommy for Christmas day....I know she is upset...I am upset...it just keeps coming and coming.  Heads, up, though...the hospital means she will have no choice but to eat better, heal faster, hopefully, and move on to treatment.  I have managed to not wig out too much, but we had 4 doctors and 4 nurses in the room at times today....lot's of the word "try" when talking of antibiotics...these guys are aces at these things, I have no doubt, just...wow.

We did get to meet several new doctors today, including her oncologists...both seem sharp and ready to attack this thing.  I hope she is as ready as they are.....wow.....talking radiation and chemo.  Who expects these things at 31?  Wow....just, wow.

I am pretty beat....more updates afternoon tomorrow.  Keep praying and sending that positive energy.

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