Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Back to work...back to school...oh joy.

The nurse came today.  Yeah!  I did not have to change the IV bag today.  I swear, I have a anxiety attack every time I have to change those things.

We called the doctor today about the swelling from this infection....we were given yet another open-ended explanation....basically "it will go down eventually".  Doctors should not be allowed to guess like weatherman.

Little man is so cute...when he got home, he, of course, wanted to play video games.  When he removed the disk I had in the game, he noticed it was the new Madden.  He asked, "Where did you get that?"  When I told him GameStop he broke down...seems I promised him a trip when his great aunt sent him some Christmas money...so, today, I took him to GameStop with his money (and some choice coupons) so he could get some new games.  He was very happy to play them all night long...with my help, of course.

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