Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Yesterday, the Fundraising Page went live.

By no means do I expect every person I know to contribute...especially those who have kicked in already.  I even received apology messages from Twitter friends of my Redskins page.  Guys, never apologize for not having money to give away.  Gosh, it is awkward for me to even ask.  Donate if you can, if not, just share the rally other support to the site.  Do what you can and want to do.  Do NOT feel obligated.  GiveForward is a great tool to use to reach out across the world for help.  It was the first suggestion of many of the Cancer related non-profits I have contacted.

Today we trained on our new "diffusing" method, of sorts, for antibiotics.  The home healthcare nurse came.  No pump...kind of cool really....her meds come in charged rubber-esk balls, pressurized to administer meds without a pump.  Takes a bit longer per change, but no pump noises all day.  Yeah!

Working on getting a home routine established yet again...the minute you get some rhythm and order to your day, something changes and stirs it all up again.

The goal, for the next couple weeks at least, is a return to normalcy!  The meds are lighter...she is feeling much better...the bump is gone...the crazy steroid side effects are gone...we just want normal for a while.  haha...we will all see how that works out.

Mom brought meatloaf and fixing for, hit the spot.  She normally is a tomato-topped meatloaf gal...went brown gravy for us last night instead...well, for little man...good call midget.

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