Monday, January 21, 2013


Happy LJK day...and inaugural day!  Something is drastically wrong when a hip-hop mogul sits two rows back from the former Presidents of the United States at the inauguration.  I am just saying...Jay Z, really?

So, no blood test have been done checking her white blood cell count since we left the hospital.  I found that out today from the home healthcare company....but they did draw blood today to be tested, so may have those up tomorrow.  What we are watching for is a drop in her white blood cell count, as a result (hopefully) of dealing with this infection.  The puffiness is still there...maybe a little better than yesterday...not sure.  Doctors say as long as she does not run a fever or have any bad headaches, we are good.  I plan on pressing for an after surgery MRI, but fear I may have to reach out for second opinion to have that done...either way, the more eyes the better....time to make some more appointments.

The GiveForward account has been cool, but since the first initial support and donations, has slowed down considerably.  Please, help me promote the page....print the link and take it to church, forward the link to your email contacts, forward it to friends, Tweet it to media can really help that site reach out, but it all starts with the initial friends, shares and tweets.

I have found that, when frustrated and speaking about the brain cancer thing, I tend to curse a little...caught myself today....and though, I was not cursing out the doctors, my frustration was evident.  I have been impressed about some of our treatment and just the opposite about other aspects of our care.  Treatments discussed have been vague...really, almost everything that has been explained to us was vague in nature.  You have to pry to get the facts...trick is, know where to pry and what to ask.  It has shocked me that our hospital offers no one to talk to, besides a Chaplin, and no help and guidance at all with social workers or financially surviving cancer.  Pretty least I am capable and internet savvy...I just did my own research.

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