Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Sunday was a good day...Redskins win, Melissa had a friend take her for a pedicure, and little man mooched a new Spiderman game from the Grandparents...haha.  We also had loads of food, as a friends mom delivered a yummy veggie lasagna, another friend brought meat-balls and veggies, had some pork off my pop's grill....needless to say, we ate real well.

Did some grocery shopping, and for the first time, read every label and bought almost all blood-sugar friendly foods...except for the Pepperridge Farm chocolate cake.

After a thorough cleaning by me and friends, the house is again in destroyed, well, kinda.  It does not take long.

Had a friend look at the washing machine...bad motor...not worth fixing, so I am in the market for a washing machine also...on top of all the other things.  haha...

As promised, here are a couple pictures...

First...the first MRI:

This is the MRI image I first saw.  So scary.

How about the incision and staples:

Did not take the time to count them, but there us a lot.  Healing well (this shot was from hospital 3 days after surgery).

I had another with her laying in bed after the surgery, but that did not seem fair to her to post.  haha....she actually seems to have a small bit of vanity left...I dare not be the one who takes it away.

What most people lack to realize is that both the medications she is taking, the trauma to her brain, and just the entire messed-up situation has really kept her down some....I mean, they all lead to lack of energy, depression, and lack of motivation...not to mention the trauma from surgery as well...but I just worry about her.  Also, this steroid she is getting really old...going to talk to the doctor about that Wednesday.  That stuff has many side effects that I fear is giving her grief.

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